Friday, February 12, 2010

Looking in the Past....

Yea, I know, I let people and things bother me too much, so, on a lighter note.....

Stephen and I just spent an hour or so looking at google earth, and it is so cool to look back at the places you used to live. Talk about memories. When I lived in Los Angeles, my last public business was a designer resale and vintage boutique called A Capricorns which had been located at 6107 Melrose Ave. a couple blocks from Paramount Studios.

Every morning when I left for the store, I traveled down Beachwood Dr. to Franklin, then made a left down Gower St. One morning I saw a black Trans turn onto Gower from the other side of Franklin, and I took a double take. It was Micheal J. Fox! He liked to scurry down Gower to the Studio every morning while taping Family Ties, and at one point I found myself side by side with him. To get to the point, almost every morning after that, I would notice him, we were apparantly on the same schedule, and maybe he also noticed, cause we found ourselves looking for one another to race down Gower together. It always made my morning.

Ironically enough, because my store was so close to the studio, Meredith came in one day to look around, and became a good customer. After she had initially come in, then so did Tina and Justine. I have a photo of Meredith dressed in one of the garments that were chosen for her to wear in a TV movie she had done.

Anyway, I really miss that store, and I think if I had an opportunity and choice to do anything at all I wanted right now in life, I would probably say, give me a nice little location, and let me deal in resale and vintage clothes again. I loved it, and not because of all the high end clientel I was lucky enough to have, but just because it is a great fun business to be in, especially if you have the connections I once had there in Hollywood. The store was written up in a section of Los Angeles Magazine, I still have that of course, and one day I might try to scan that little piece and post it. The mag is quite old now, and I try and treat it with kid gloves lol!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The future looks....

OK, I have made a decision to start blogging here as if it were an actual diary. Why?? Because I am overwhelmed with everyday work, as well as the added work I pile on myself with new sites, etc.. and when I sit down to write about any one particular thing that deals with the experiences I have had in my life with pepole and my own traveling, I simply go blank! I can not tell you how many times I have thought I would like to tell a story about this or that thing or person, only to sit here and go blank. Why this is, I have no clue, but from now on, I am just going to write random thought and stories, just like it was my personal journal or diary. Hopefully some or all of you will still find it interesting.

Today I am going to rant a little about my state of mind, and some of the reasons why I have been feeling down and depressed. Some of you already know that I am not well. I have 3 slipped discs in my back which make it virtually impossible to work a regular type of job anymore, and altho I would still jump at the chance to work again for a venue like the Floodzone, sadly there are really none here that actually need someone to work/run them the way I can. I wish like hell I had saved some of the money I had made throughout my carrer, because I would open a venue of my own in a heartbeat, but sadly, that will never happen.

Another reason for my depressed state of mind is people. Not all people, just some, like the people that I helped in some way or another, who claimed to be friends, and then turned on me, talking about me badly behind my back and generally making an ass out of themselves trying to take what little they had learned from me, and basically stealing ideas to call their own (You know who you are, don't you!)
I had built the MusicRVA site up for a year and it was doing great, but then I had the unfortunate mishap of running into someone from a long time ago, who was never really a friend but just an aquantance, but I treated her like a friend. I should have known better as all my real friends warned me, but she did have a bit of writing talent, so I bit the bullet until I simply could not deal with her lousy frienedship anymore. While that person was in my life, my site stats fell almost 50%, and I started hearing from club owners and other people I did not even know yet, that I was being bad mouthed by this "person".

Altho it was quite some time ago that this person has been removed from my life, the damage was done, and my attitude ever since has been less than exciting over continuing with having "writers" for that site. Don't get me wrong, there are many who have written for the site, and who are incredible writers and people, but only one was an incredibly huge mistake. It was definately my misfortune, after several years out of public view because of my health, that the first person I ran into and decided to trust upon trying to get out into a public world again was her, cause she is exactly the type of person you want to stay in your home and hide from, and it really sucks when there is someone like that in the world who makes you want to just cringe and hide. The only satisfaction there, is that because this person is who and what they are, they have lost most of the good friends they had that were worth having, so karmic justice does work if you wait long enough!!

As I said earlier, I keep piling more personal work on top of the work I Must do everyday. An example is the newest network for fashion and fashion games that I am in the process of building. I just can't help myself LOL!! I am addicted to creating sites on the internet, what can I say. This one is more for fun than money tho, and I am taking my time with it, no rushing here.

The site is called Fashion Vixens, and is all about fashion, and fashion dress-up games. There will be an accompaning fashion site to go with it, but that will come along later. It will also end up on the GAME GURU toolbar eventually as well. If you like playing online games like Stardoll, and Runway Vixens, (and even if you don't) then you may like this new network. I have not promoted it publicly yet, and I have not sent it to the directories or search engines yet, but if you think you would enjoy this network, please feel free to join and help us get it started. You can find it at

Well, as I said, I am "journaling" now, so I will continue later. Hopefully this way will work out better than the way I started this blog. If you guys have any questions or want to make any comments, feel free, I will try and answer them the best I can.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sojournstar Music: Bottle Rockets and Nikki Sixx

Sojournstar Music: Bottle Rockets and Nikki Sixx


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You can now find this blog on FaceBook

If you are on FaceBook, you can now begin reading the feeds from this blog there. If your already a FaceBook member, then click this link and go to Diaries of an Aging Rock and Roller and join the blog network.

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I will begin posting regular entries here again in just a few days. I have another birthday coming up, and I was amazed recently, while setting up the FaceBook feed, that it had been a whole entire year since I last posted. I have been that busy, and I am sorry to have neglected this so long. That will definately change. I hope to see all of you joining my blog on FaceBook, and things will be nice and intimate there, and I may even get the chance to meet and chat with many of you. I can't wait LOL!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Come and Gone

Well another birthday has come and gone, and I have to add another year to forms I fill out UGH! It was pretty uneventful for the most part, but glad I made it one more year.

I have been slacking off a little on my regular work, as I have been both lazy and tired. Instead I have been looking thru old files, emails and accounts. Funny what you find when you do that. I fould some old pages that are actually still up on the internet from years ago, I had forgotton completely about. I even ran accross an old interview I took from the Project Object guys when they were touring playing all Zappas music with Ike Willis.

I was thrilled to see Ike again the few times P O did shows here, as I had not seen him in many years, not since many of us left Salt Lake City and the music department there, in search for wider more profitable music roads. I was living with my honey at the time, Tom, he and his brothers and his dad, Doc Fowler, were a huge force in music in any city, but they took over SLC. Tom and I broke up after a couple years, and he went off to play with Its A Beautiful Day, Santana, and then Frank Zappa. So did 2 of his brothers Walt and Bruce. We all stayed very good friends, and after many years on the road myself, I ended up in Los Angeles with the rest of them boys, and thats where I stayed for at least 13 years, and boy did I have a blast living there till I got stupid and married my 1st husband. Word of warning:: If you are a musician or entertainer, dont marry someone who doesnt even listen to music. Stick with your own kind, baby, trust me LOL!!

Anyway, during the SLC days, I had played in numerous bands in the area, an 8 piece horn band, a 6 piece horn band, various rock bands etc.. but then I hooked up with a dude looking for a female that really could sing LOL. I say really could, because it was he and his wife, and 3 musicians, and niether he or his wife could sing. He was one of those rich guys who had always wanted to be in a band so he decided he would put up the money, buy the equiptment, and hire his own people, and have him and his wife, and me, front the band. HA HA what a fiasco those 2 were. the band wasn't really too bad, but between the no talent duo, and the enormous fights the 2 of them had, (I wont even go into some of the stuff the rest of the band had to endure) it was not long before she left his sorry butt for some guy she met while we were on the road LOL. GOOD RIDDANCE I say!!

Now it's a 5 piece, and guess who is getting more requests for songs than the other, MOI!!
This band had a lot of good experiences, but I finally had to move on to a better band. I must say that for a cover band, that was getting too close to disco for my comfort, I sure was making some bucks and perks from the hotels and fans. Plus every where I went in those days, fans used to give me turquoise jewelry, Tons of it!! I used to wear some turquoise in those days, and I guess the more I wore the more I got for gifts LOL. It was insane! I am talking nice stuff too, not junk. Ahh, those were definately the days.

I also went to the most obscure place with that band. Yellowknife North West Territories. We arrived at the Edmonton airport in Canada, it was 30ish degrees out when we left the car in the airport parking lot for the month we were to be gone, I also left my favorite high heeled sandles in the back window. When we arrived in YK, it was -40 below, thats right, -40 below. We left the hotel every night after the gig to go get pizza across the street, and by the time we got inside our tears and snot was frozen to our faces WOW! It would get as much as -50 below there during the month we stayed, and I had a real nice cold the first week I was there. No one knew tho cause my mic only was turned up to like 9 or 10, because I had laryngitis and could only get a whisper out of my voice. No one knew tho, not until they tried to talk to me off stage. The bartender was making me flaming drinks and feeding me hot honey, lemon and whiskey.

We were there almost a month already, and never got to see the Northern Lights, which were dancing putside the hotel every night while we were on stage. then one night the hotel owner stopped the band and drug us all out to see the lights. It really was awesome, and they do sing by the way.

I was also having trouble with my balance and stuff while I was there. The Eskimos said it happened to everyone who visited there. it has to do with the magnetic pull. Sometimes I would feel like I was walking on 3 inches of air, and others, my knees would give way and I would buckle right down to the floor. Vey strange indeed.

Anyhow, as good an experience as it was, I was thrilled to see Edmonton and the car again. Funny tho, you know those shoes I said I left in the back window of the car, well the rubber souls on the bottom of them melted while we were away, because apparantly it was now 85 degrees in Edmonton when we returned AHHH... We left in March and returned in April and it was HOT!

Well I miss those shoes (frown) HA HA!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kevin Dubrow

Recently Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot died in his home in Las Vegas. I heard this fly by me on The Soup one night, Joel the host stated something to the fact that "Kevin Dubrow died this week, and to honor his passing we give you this" and he proceeded to show a riot, with silence on the screen. This freaked me, and unfortunately my pc had crashed in late Nov, and I could not search it down.

I thought this was kind of a rude way to state this fact, but my other half Stephen said "at least they said something" which is true. When I finally got a new pc and searched it down, it was then it became a reality.

Why did it freak me so much? Because Kevin was once a friend, altho not a very good one. He had a band in the 80's called DuBrow, and he played the Starwood frequently in Los Angeles where I once worked. He played the stages there with bands like Snow, (Carlos and Tony Cavazo, and Stephen Quadros) who are still good friends, and London, the Nikki Sixx band (still known as Frank then) that morphed into Motley Crue.

Kevin wasnt always the friendliest of the bunch, he had an ego as big as David Lee Roth and a way too bad ass attitude, but under all that he was still a nice guy. I hated to hear about his death, and it made me think, he is way younger than me, and so are many other of my old friends who are gone or have serious health issues now. We all get old, but it seems like the Rockers go faster and harder than any others.

Up until 4 years ago, I was still vital, energetic, and very active. I used to run around the venues I managed or worked in like they were little boxes of nothing. The last big venue I was in management with, the Floodzone in Richmond Virginia (the size of the Starwood), had these huge widely spaced stairwells, and I would run up and down those steps maybe 50 times a night if not more. It never phased me. Now I am lucky if I can walk up my porch steps.

I learned a few years back that another old friend from Motley, has a similair back problem as I do, and when I saw footage of him on a special about the band, I was shocked to find how bent over and in agony he looked. He had the same look of agony on his face that I do now on a daily basis.

I guess the bottom line here is, you never know what, or how quick life is going to hand you a bowl of lemons, and you cant always make lemonaid from them, so its best to try and live your life to the fullest you can before the lemons devour you.

And in the words of Cameron Crowes mother "Don't Take Drugs"!


I turn 56 next week and it freaks me out!

I have wanted to start an online diary for years, but have always been too busy to add yet another time consuming project to my massive workload. This is the time. I am aging, and fast, and before it is too late, I want to start logging some of my lifetime experiences for prosperity.

So this is the first entry, and from here on out, I will spew my thoughts onto the net at will. My thoughts will most likely not be in any cronological order, besides age is stealing my memory files, but the things I write here will all be fact. I write a lot like I talk and think, so get ready for the roller coaster ride.