Friday, February 12, 2010

Looking in the Past....

Yea, I know, I let people and things bother me too much, so, on a lighter note.....

Stephen and I just spent an hour or so looking at google earth, and it is so cool to look back at the places you used to live. Talk about memories. When I lived in Los Angeles, my last public business was a designer resale and vintage boutique called A Capricorns which had been located at 6107 Melrose Ave. a couple blocks from Paramount Studios.

Every morning when I left for the store, I traveled down Beachwood Dr. to Franklin, then made a left down Gower St. One morning I saw a black Trans turn onto Gower from the other side of Franklin, and I took a double take. It was Micheal J. Fox! He liked to scurry down Gower to the Studio every morning while taping Family Ties, and at one point I found myself side by side with him. To get to the point, almost every morning after that, I would notice him, we were apparantly on the same schedule, and maybe he also noticed, cause we found ourselves looking for one another to race down Gower together. It always made my morning.

Ironically enough, because my store was so close to the studio, Meredith came in one day to look around, and became a good customer. After she had initially come in, then so did Tina and Justine. I have a photo of Meredith dressed in one of the garments that were chosen for her to wear in a TV movie she had done.

Anyway, I really miss that store, and I think if I had an opportunity and choice to do anything at all I wanted right now in life, I would probably say, give me a nice little location, and let me deal in resale and vintage clothes again. I loved it, and not because of all the high end clientel I was lucky enough to have, but just because it is a great fun business to be in, especially if you have the connections I once had there in Hollywood. The store was written up in a section of Los Angeles Magazine, I still have that of course, and one day I might try to scan that little piece and post it. The mag is quite old now, and I try and treat it with kid gloves lol!

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